I will be getting my beach body ready for the Lydia Smith Sickle Cell Foundation  volley ball classic, “Mini Spike 4 a Cure” on June 18th. More than 90,000 people are affected by sickle cell anemia each year.  This blood disease affect so many people, especially in the African American and minority community,  that one could just pray for a cure.  Tickets starting at $35, would be a great start to being proactive to this wonderful cause.  I will be sure to be in the building. I am so proud of founder, Robert Mackey III.  This young brother is doing big things.  Not only will you have fun donating towards a great cause, but, your contribution will help in aiding  families  whose directly affected.  Please click on the link below to participate.  I hope to see you there.  #MINISPIKE4ACURE  #LSSCF  #SAVEACHILDSAVETHEWORLD #SICKLECELL